Save the Date – Fri 22nd September 2017

The RCOA Silver Jubilee Social Media & 3rd #FOAMed Film Festival 2017

Nottingham Conference Centre – 22nd September 2017

Following 2 previously successful #FOAMed Film Festivals (celebrating FOAMed and social media in anaesthesia/ICU/Pain/PHEM), we aim to increase the profile of anaesthesia as an exciting, modern speciality within the UK by hosting this meeting.

 The Jubilee Day will consist of keynote speakers active in the world of ‘social media’, ‘technology-enhance learning’ and ‘free open access medical education’ delivering lectures to educate and update the audience about these new and exciting models of education throughout the day.

We will also showcase a collection of the shortlisted films (from this year and previous year’s) and announce (and show) the winning films during the festival as we have done in previous years.

The content of the day will be relevant for those who use social media on a regular basis, but also for those who are new to these platforms to learn how websites, educational videos, podcasts, blogs and twitter can be used to enhance our continuing medical education.

Start filming and we look forward to seeing you in September


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