2015 Films & Awards

The judges would like to congratulate everyone who contributed to the 2015 FOAM Film Festival. The standard of films was very high and covered a wide range of topics and cinematography styles. All films can be viewed here…

The Awards

The 2015 FOAM Film Festival Winner

Local Anaesthetic Forever. Filmed by: Ben Fox, James Stimpson, Douglas Bomford, Robin Heij

This video and more can also be viewed at https://benjaminlukefox.wordpress.com/category/videos/

Short-listed Films of special recognition

Airway Ultrasound. Filmed by: Hannah Neil, Helen Goddard


Inhaled Salbutamol for acute bronchospasm under general anaesthesia Filmed by: Anagha Tambe, Dr Nazia, Vijay Kale,

ROTEM. Filmed by: Alex Taylor, Charlotte Cardus, Jon Whitby, Famila Alagarsamy


We look forward to seeing you in 2016!